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Latest Update:

05/16/2023 Science presentations, some text changes.


SumSeq is my personal website with some information about religion, science, and the interface between the two. These topics are covered on a basic/incomplete level, mostly consisting of links to other resources. The site is separated into the following top-level topics:

  • Torah - Information on traditional Jewish religious thought and practice.
  • Science - Information on my research, software tools, and popular science.
  • Torah and Science - Information related to the intersection of science and religion.
  • Store - Access to my web stores containing free works by authors (not me) as well as a gift shop.
DISCLAIMER: Although uncommon, I have made this website with both professional and personal/religious content. The reason for this is that I don't distinguish between my "religious life" and "professional life", as I try to guide both on my religious outlook and practice. This site is modular, so if the religious ideas are not your cup of tea, it is straightforward to stick to the scientific pages. If this mesh of materials offends any of my visitors, please know this was not my intention.