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Welcome to SumSeq!

SumSeq is my personal website consisting of some information about religion, science, and the interface between the two. All topics are covered on a very basic and incomplete level, mostly targeted for beginners and/or reference for myself and others. Some of the more useful pages here are the science list of computational software, the religious book lists, as well as my own publications and experience. This website can be thought of an updated late-nineties homepage, containing some interesting things, barely updated, and mostly used as a portal to other sites. The site is separated into the following top-level topics:

  • Torah - Information on traditional Jewish religious thought and practice.
  • Science - Information on software tools, my research, and popular science.
  • Torah and Science - Information on the intersection of scientific and religious thought.
  • Store - Access to my web stores containing self-published free works by authors (not me) as well as a gift shop.
Although it is not the norm, I have created this single website for both professional and personal/religious purposes. I have done this because I try not to distinguish between my "religious life" and my "professional life", for my entire way of life both in and out of the home is guided by my religious obligations and outlook. I have created this site in a modular fashion, so if religious ideas are not your cup of tea, it is easy to stick to the scientific pages. I apologize in advance if the mesh of materials offends any of my visitors.