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The Jewish Center for Science
"The Jewish Center for Science is dedicated to increasing the personal connection of every Jew to Hashem. Utilizing current scientific knowledge, we reveal the astounding wisdom and kindness hidden in the world we encounter daily. Under the guidance and bracha of Gedolei Yisrael, our fun and fascinating science education resources will encourage you to explore the many levels of creation and appreciate the depths of Hashem's flawless design. Our approach follows the Rambam, who explains that contemplation on the wonders of creation brings a person to love and awe of Hashem, and fulfills a mitzvah d'Oraisa. By offering a framework for studying the world as a product of Hashem, we aim to strengthen this kind of meaningful contemplation and at the same time inoculate against heretical theories prevalent in contemporary science and society."

Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists
"The Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists is an organization devoted to the orientation of science within the framework of Orthodox Jewish tradition. The organization aims to assist those endeavors which will help improve the Torah way of life for Jews throughout the modern world, both intellectually and practically."

OhrB'Or HaTorah
"A peer-reviewed journal on the interrelationship of Judaism, science and technology, psychology, the arts, and social issues. B’Or Ha’Torah illuminates a range of topics from the cosmology and ecology of Genesis; the creation ex nihilo vs. evolution and faith vs. reason debates; the views of halakhah (Jewish law) on stem cell research and genetic engineering; and the soul-mind-brain-memory-body connection. Rabbis and religious Jews with no science background as well as professionals in all fields with no Torah background can enjoy this inspiring publication in hardcopy and digital formats.

AlephThe Torah Science Foundation
"The Torah Science Foundation was founded with the unique mission of creating a new paradigm for the meeting of Divine teachings and secular knowledge. The Torah Science Foundation is a multi-faceted organization working on many fronts to bring religious scholars and science professionals together to cooperate on working for humanity by expanding the limits of our knowledge.

ZooTorahZoo Torah
"Zoo Torah is the study of the identities, symbolism, and role of animals in Torah literature and Jewish law, thought, and tradition. The Zoo Torah educational enterprise shows how Judaism and the animal kingdom shed light upon each other, through a series of books, lectures, essays, videos, safaris, and a museum.