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Torah Anytime
TorahAnytime is the largest library of originally recorded Torah videos in the world, with 70,000+ Torah videos from more than 1000 different speakers. They record and post more than 350 classes weekly, and receive upwards of 300,000 monthly visits from over 120 countries.

Aish HaTorah's mission is to Inspire people to live more thoughtful, spiritual, and impactful lives through learning and sharing timeless Jewish wisdom. Their site containes hundreds of articles, audio and video presentations, and other useful information.

My Zmanim
An extremely useful website where one can find all the Halachic times of the day. It includes virtually every shitah for every zman, and provides a free monthly zmanim chart to print out. They also run a text message $ call-in zmanim system at 516-796-2646.

KosherQuest is a leading source of Kashrus information, alerts, updates and guides. It includes an up-to-date list of reliable kosher certifications.

Saw You at Sinai
Saw You at Sinai is a free Jewish matchmaking service, with the express purpose of helping people find a spouse. My wife and I met through this site!